General Information

Submission will be done online through the PAO Annual Meeting website. Early Bird registration is a pre-requisite prior submission of abstract paper online. Deadline for the submission of abstracts for the PAO Annual Meeting will be on September 27, 2019 (Friday), 12:00 MN (Philippine Standard Time). The electronic stamp of the website will be used as the basis for determining the time and date of submission.

The Scientific Program Committee will decide acceptance or non-acceptance. Notification of acceptance will be through email. The PAO reserves the right to decide the manner of presentation of free papers (Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation).



The Scientific Program Committee of the PAO Annual Congress for 2019 is currently accepting abstracts for SCIENTIFIC POSTER. The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the abstracts submitted for poster presentation as it deems appropriate. Authors will be notified of selection of abstracts by e-mail whether they are accepted or not.

1. Abstracts must be in English.

2. Abstracts will be reproduced exactly as submitted. Edit your abstract to avoid errors and misspellings. Your abstract may be rejected for publication if it is not comprehensible.

3. TITLE: CAPITALIZE the entire title within the area provided. It should be informative, concise, meaningful, as brief as possible and no longer than 135 characters.

4. AUTHOR/S: Give the full name of every author, including degrees, but omit titles or institutional appointments. Presenting author’s name should be mentioned first.

5. INSTITUTION/S: Indicate the name and address of the institution/s where the research work was carried out

6. TEXT: Abstracts should contain adequate and pertinent information describing the contents of the scientific paper. The text should be arranged in the following format:

o INTRODUCTION: Describe the context, including the importance and relevance, of the case
o CASE DESCRIPTION: Describe the history, findings, and treatment
o DISCUSSION: May include literature review and rationale for reporting the case.

7. Abbreviations, acronyms and symbols should be defined the first time they are used. Place the abbreviation in parentheses after the full word.

8. Use generic names of drugs.

9. Proprietary and/or financial interests in any products (or competing products) described in the abstract must be disclosed.

Posters: Posters should have the following maximum dimensions: Height = 4 feet (122 cm.); Width = 3 feet (91.5 cm). Minimum letter size should be 3/8 inch (1 cm) in height and should be readable from a distance of 3 feet (1 meter).

Submission of Abstracts: September 27, 2019 (Friday) 12:00 MN (Philippine Standard Time).